Wel­come to the 2019 sea­son for 727 Track Club. We look for­ward to hav­ing another suc­cess­ful year build­ing on the momen­tum from pre­vi­ous years. An AAU affil­i­ated orga­ni­za­tion, 727 Track Club is Tampa Bay’s pre­mier youth track and field club, focused on pro­vid­ing qual­ity train­ing for ath­letes who are ded­i­cated and com­mit­ted to becom­ing bet­ter, faster, and stronger. This club is ded­i­cated to help­ing ath­letes reach their goals. Our qual­ity coach­ing staff empha­sizes hard work, com­mit­ment, and dedication.

727 Track Club Relay

727 Track Club ath­letes com­pete at the very high­est lev­els of com­pe­ti­tion, includ­ing the AAU Junior Olympics. 727 Track Club ath­letes have been final­ists at the AAU Junior Olympics and AAU National Club Cham­pi­onships in each of the past 10 years.

Ath­letes who are ages 5 through 18 are able to reg­is­ter and par­tic­i­pate. The coach­ing staff will review the meets that are being held dur­ing the 2019 sea­son to deter­mine which meets offer the best com­pe­ti­tion and facil­i­ties for the ath­letes. Some of these meets will be AAU qual­i­fy­ing meets that allow the ath­letes to qual­ify for advance­ment to the next level based on per­for­mance. Please bear in mind that some of these meets are held at loca­tions that require overnight travel and may incur addi­tional travel costs.

To com­plete your reg­is­tra­tion for this sea­son, you will need to com­plete and elec­tron­i­cally sign the required forms below as well as sub­mit pay­ment of your reg­is­tra­tion fees in full. Pay­ment of reg­is­tra­tion fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Part 1: Athlete and Parent Contact Info

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Health Insurance Coverage

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Part 2: Athlete Interest Survey: (please check all that apply)

Long JumpTriple JumpHigh JumpShot PutDis­cus100m200m400m800m1500m3000mHur­dles (100m, 110m, 200m, 400m)Multi-Events (Pentathlon/Heptathlon/Decathlon

Part 3: Athlete's Pledge

As a member of 727 Track Club, I agree, without reservation, to abide by the following rules during the upcoming season:

I will attend every practice session and meets during the season. In the event of my absence from the practice due to illness or emergency, I will notify the head coach in advance.
Repeated, unexcused absences may result in indefinite suspension from participation in track meets.

I will be at practice on time unless excused by the coaches.
Frequent tardiness can result in punishment / suspension.

There will be no use of drugs.
Punishment will be termination from the club.

I will treat my parents, teachers, teammates, and coaches with respect both on and off the field. Physical or verbal harassment will not be tolerated.
Failure to comply will result in punishment / suspension.

I will not bring disgrace by my actions to myself, teammates, and coaches.
Failure to comply will result in punishment / suspension.

I will always understand that I am a student FIRST, athlete SECOND.
Failure to meet my requirements as a student will result in suspension.

By typ­ing your name (athlete’s name) below, you acknowl­edge that you have read and under­stand the rules listed above. You rec­og­nize and real­ize that fail­ure to fol­low these rules may result in dis­ci­pli­nary action and pos­si­ble sus­pen­sion or expul­sion from the team.

Athlete Name (required):

Part 4: Liability Waiver and Release

By typing the athlete’s and parent/guardian name below, I acknowl­edge the ath­lete listed below has been exam­ined by a physi­cian within the past 12 months and has been fully cleared to par­tic­i­pate in ath­letic activ­i­ties. I do hereby give my con­sent for the ath­lete listed above to par­tic­i­pate in the 2019 sea­son of the 727 Youth Track and Field Club, Inc. and fully under­stand the train­ing is phys­i­cally demand­ing. I waive and release any and all claims against 727 Youth Track and Field Club, Inc., their coaches, their agents, their rep­re­sen­ta­tives, North­side Chris­t­ian School, or any other train­ing facil­ity for any and all injuries sus­tained through par­tic­i­pa­tion in this pro­gram. I autho­rize the coaches of the 727 Youth Track and Field Club Inc. to make any reasonable deci­sions con­cern­ing the health, wel­fare, and safety, includ­ing med­ical treat­ment for this ath­lete dur­ing my absence.

Athlete Name (required):

Parent/Guardian Name (required):

Part 5: Review and Payment

When you have completed filling out ALL of the required fields of the online forms above, please review for accu­racy to avoid delays in reg­is­tra­tion. When you are ready, click the ‘Sub­mit Reg­is­tra­tion’ but­ton below. Once you have suc­cess­fully submitted your reg­is­tra­tion info, visit our Pay­ment page to view and submit your payment options.