Turbo Javelin

I am an adult who want to find a track club to run with. Can I join 727 Track Club?
Adults are able to register and train with our club. However, adults are not able to compete. The meet competition is for youths aged 6–18 years of age.

My child is 5, 6, or 7 years old. Can they join your track club?
Children who are able to follow directions and make it through a workout may join 727 Track Club. However, in competition, they may be competing against older children depending on how the age groups are set up.

Can my child sign up right now and train with your club?
Depending on which events your child competes in, registration may be open and active. Athletes must be officially and fully registered within 10 days of joining the club. Click here for registration info.

During June through February, registration for the regular season is over. Registration for the upcoming season begins in February. Athletes may participate in the optional off-season training on Saturdays without being registered with the club. However, athletes must be registered with the club prior to the start of official practices during the regular track season.

For information on off-season training dates, contact Coach Paul Mack at 727–423-3726.

When is your season?
Our track season officially begins in March and, depending on what qualification standards are met by the athlete, ends with the AAU Junior Olympics around the first week of August. We have optional, off-season training sessions held on Saturdays. Please refer to our web site for more details on when these training sessions are held.

How much does it cost to register an athlete for 727 Track Club?
Annual dues for the 2020 season are $175. There are additional charges for meet entry during the season, uniforms, as well as additional fees to cover travel to and from par­tic­i­pa­tion in national meets.